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Custom Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

We worked closely with a very special client to create this stunning cross-section of antique and modern design. 

Custom Engagement Ring Mood Board-01.jpg


Our client wanted the ring to feel important like an engagement ring should, but through a very modern lens. 


We worked closely with the client, coming up with a few iterations of a design before finally landing on this bubbly bezel setting with platinum prongs.



We looked for the perfect proportions and shape in a diamond, and ultimately landed on an antique cushion cut diamond with beautiful, spready facets that reflect bright bursts of light.

Final Piece

We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of this piece! We love the subtle two tone, the elegant antique stone paired with a modern setting, and a comfortable band that compliments it all.

IMG_5862 2_edited_edited.png
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