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The most important part of our process isn’t the final piece, it’s the story it tells. We work closely with our clients to fully understand the meaning behind each modern heirloom we create, turning your story into something that will forever link the generations of your family.  We pride ourselves in the extensive experience and knowledge we can impart on our clients to feel safe, secure, comfortable and excited about the process and final piece. Margot is a Certified Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and can provide transparency into the diamond and colored stone industry that is otherwise unavailable to retail customers.

Custom Rings by Friend & Firestone Custom Fine Jewelry
Custom Engagement Ring by Friend & Firestone

Heirloom Repurposing

We have extensive experience working with heirloom pieces, and love reimagining them for the modern wearer. We start with a consultation, learning about the history of the piece and importance to the client and family, and move to create something that can be worn with pride while honoring the original creation.

Engagement and New Heirlooms

With new pieces, we love to learn about what the piece will mean to the client. Working within each client’s budget, imagination, and intention, we can design and create anything from a classic piece to something more modern and en vogue. From large, stone-forward pieces to smaller, more delicate projects, we take on every creation with joy in producing something our clients will love.

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Work With Us

We'd love to learn more about your project and if we'd be a good fit to work with you!

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